Testimonials  Our families value the work we do and the service provided by Ryedale Special Families. Here are just a few examples of what they have said about us:  

The mother of a teenager who was born with complex learning difficulties has thanked the carers who have supported the family since he was a toddler. 
Ronnie Gough, from Pickering, who was 16 last month, has epilepsy along with ADHD, autism and other learning difficulties. 
His mother Diana said she had made the difficult decision to look for a home for him to attend. 
Diana said: “As a parent, we want to care and protect our children and it has been such a difficult decision to look at places for Ronnie to live. We started searching for colleges, homes and special resources a year ago. 
With the task being horrendous and several places all over the country saying they couldn’t meet his needs, we finally, after 12 months, found an amazing specialist home in Stokesley, an hour away from here. 
Ronnie will be transitioning to there in the next few weeks. It has been a long and tiring road to get here, but I know this decision is in his best interests, and he will be safe and happy there.” 
Ryedale Special Families (RSF), a charity based in Old Malton, has been integral in Ronnie’s care since he was three years old. 
Diana, who is a trustee for RSF, said: “Without the care and support from RSF, I simply couldn’t have managed Ronnie living at home with myself for all this time. The staff there are utterly amazing and since coronavirus started their support has continued. They are incredibly selfless individuals. 
I would like to thank a few people individually without singling anyone out, but Ronnie has had one constant in his life, Becky Stevenson, a RSF team leader. 
Becky has always gone above and beyond in her caring role and Ronnie loves her to pieces. So much so that Becky and her co-worker Katherine Risi, who has also been amazing, are taking Ronnie to settle in his new home.” 
Diana, who also has a 13-year-old daughter, Nell, said:”I cannot forget the people who have helped me locally too. 
I have been sent food parcels weekly by Marion Buchanan of The White Swan in Pickering. 
My family and friends have been a huge support and my partner Chris Fletcher. We were also given the use of a private cottage in Fryton by Stuart Prest. He allowed us to use it for respite while the carers came into my home and it has kept us going. 
Ronnie is a much-loved son, brother, grandson and cousin and we hope he will thrive in his lovely, new residential home." 
With thanks to Karen Darley of the Gazette & Herald for this article. 
“I cannot put into words really how much myself and my family think of Ryedale Special Families. We simply could not manage at certain times without the help and total support we receive. When we ask for help it is given without question.  
Only a week ago my son was not having a good week and his seizures and his behaviour were beyond belief. I asked for a worker to be provided and each night the help was there and much needed.  
As a single parent I rely on Ryedale Special Families to provide not only help for my son but for the whole family. I recently had a sickness bug and the sessional worker took over and provided the help I needed.  
Everyone gives 100% and the organisation is second to none.” 
“Ryedale Special Families is an amazing organisation and has provided so much help and advice since our son was first diagnosed with autism. Due to their existence, we have as a family been able to take part in so many social events and activities over the years that we would not otherwise have enjoyed.  
Ryedale Special Families has been out first port of call for help and advice with problems we have encountered as our son has moved through the stages of childhood, and even though he is now a young adult, that is still the case.  
We can honestly say that without Ryedale Special Families the last ten years of our lives would have been a nightmare.” 
"When things go wrong I know I can pick up the phone and the Ryedale Special Families team will be there and will help if at all possible. The office team are friendly, understanding and tolerant!  
The 1 to 1 carers who come into our home feel part of our family. I was concerned that “strangers” coming into my home would be really strange but the team make it feel natural and normal, bring laughter into the home and I value their opinions and support. 
Life would be much harder without Ryedale Special Families and the stellar work they do. My family and myself will always be grateful that my son has brought you into our lives. Thank you!" 
"Ryedale Special Families has had a massive positive impact on both our daughter and the whole family generally.  
We really appreciate all the hard work you do and all your patience and understanding. 
Without you my daughter would have no social life with children her own age at all. You have made her smile!  
Thank you for all your commitment” 
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